Selling Your Own Home – Day 5

criminal Hello scammers.  Well, our house isn’t even on MLS yet, and already the scam punks are coming out of the woodwork.  So far, I’ve gotten two emails from two different people who actually already own homes in my city but they live in another city and the market there is bad, so they are wondering if we could work something out.  Yeah.  You can make an offer, get a mortgage and buy my house.  If you meant something else then no.

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing this scam revolves around me getting all excited that someone is interested in my house only to get somewhere down the road where they have some "situation" that requires me to send them $10,000 to help clear up, but not to worry because they’ll give me my asking price plus $10K.  Of course, there is no situation, no offer, and my ten-grand disappears.

I also got someone who called and was headed down the road of asking me for some information like my bank account or Social Security before I noticed where she was going and got very cold.  Then all of the sudden she "had something to take care of" and she would call me back.  Yeah, right.

I wish there was a way I could flag my posting with "Hey, I’m a college educated guy with a lawyer wife who will not be stupid enough to send you money or give you any information other than the asking price and the square footage."

UPDATE:  Hey, this one is new.  Someone copied a for-sale posting I made on Craigslist and put it in the For Rent section with the same pictures and my address.  I never would have noticed, but someone who saw the listing decided to drive by my house, saw the sign and called about it.  I notified Craigslist and sent an email to her email provider, but I doubt anything will come of it.  Hopefully, no one is stupid enough to give her any info.  Needless to say, I’ve deleted my Craigslist posting and won’t be posting again there.  I guess it has officially been over-run by vermin.  Too bad.  I really liked it.

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