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Stock Market Is a Leading Indicator

Remember, the stock market is a leading indicator. What Is a Leading Indicator? This should probably get its own post, along with what is a lagging indicator, but that isn’t the point of this article, so let’s hit the highlights. At the most basic level there are leading indicators and …

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Fed Raises Rates On Schedule

The Fed has been telegraphing a September (2018) rate hike for quite some time now, and they followed though with another 0.25 increase today. They also anticipate a December rate hike still this year as well. I mentioned last time, this increase marks the end of the “free” rate increases that …

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November Looking Funky for Stock Market

These last few weeks have dumped piles of external events onto the stock markets. As usual, the market overreacts to many of these and under-reacts to others. For long-term investors, this is just another reason to have a well diversified portfolio that you rebalance regularly. Market Data and Other Stuff …

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no inflation

Inflation Disappears (Again)

Update: Yea! It looks like I was right, and everyone has come around. It’s August now, and it looks like those low inflation numbers were neither an aberration, nor temporary. There simply is no inflation, the job market, while full, is not hot, and there is no need to raise …

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