Blaming the Fed 1

Blaming the Fed

Selective amnesia and analysts dying to be “right” is contributing to a flood of inaccurate articles seeking to blame the Fed. I saw this in my Twitter feed this morning and I just couldn’t let it go by. It’s filled with the kind of half-truths and misinformation that builds an …

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negative interest rates

Negative Interest Rates and The Fed

Like any type of news, sensational, click-bait news draws in a lot of clicks for financial websites. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of confusion, especially for folks who only read the headlines. I can often tell when this happens because my questions fill up with vaguely understood concepts …

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interest rates federal reserve

Interest Rate Hike in September?

Here we go again. Last year, the Federal Reserve, desperate to get away from zero interest rates, raised its target benchmark interest rate from 0% to 0.25%. They proudly crowed about fighting inflation and predicted several rate hikes in 2016. Then, January happened. If you don’t remember, China’s economy had …

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Fed Does Not Raise Rates Market Confused

So, this is interesting. The Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates at its September (2015) meeting. This is not surprising, per se. There were numerous international banks and organizations, plus tons of U.S. economists who worried that an increase would be too soon for a fragile economy. Here is …

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