First Ever Fed Press Conference

Today marks the first time the Federal Reserve will hold a press conference to go along with it’s decision on whether to change interest rates. Most observers expect the Fed to leave interest rates unchanged (basically at zero percent), so the real action will be in the details that emerge from the press conference where questions about how the economy is doing, what the Fed is doing, and how long they think those things will last, will take center stage.

In another change, the Federal Open Market Committee will also release the quarterly growth and inflation estimates that is uses to make its rate decisions today. Usually, the Fed releases those numbers weeks later.

Today’s changes could make for a very volatile day in the markets because no one has ever done things this way before, so no one really knows how they are supposed to react.

  • Will the markets over-react to something Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says?
  • Will the markets react less than they would otherwise given how fresh all the data is?
  • Or is this all just a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing?

We’ll all find out later today.

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